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The Rumours

The Rumours - Chinese Food Lyrics

Today there's nothing I would go for
Tomorrow you don't say Hi anymore
No you really don't know what that was for
You only know that you shouldn't mind at all
No you shouldn't mind at all

I've got like six thoughts coming up my spine
Imaginary soldiers support me from behind
You say you've got nothing to do
Oh man that is not true
And you know it
Oh no, you don't
Oh yes you do

So while you're sitting there and wreck your lungs
You should be better thinking about new puns
And stuff like that
And why would you hate
To death from birth
I can't even tell right now
Why you're getting on my nerves

Perhaps because you're half the way
You want to appear
Superficial materialistic fears
Tell you what you do and what you don't
You talk so much
It's coming out of my ears
But I know that you don't
You don't say anything at all

And if I was the one to say it first
I can't even think of what comes first
Yeah if I were the one who said it first
I couldn't even think of what comes first

I put it on the top
Write it on the wall
Call it by the name
Just to speak to you again

Now that I know
That you know
That I know
I begin to think
I might just be alone

Yeah well I might as well be alone

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