Cold Black Heart (Live) Lyrics

Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins - Cold Black Heart (Live) Lyrics

I once had a true love, her name was Maggie Brown
Her eyes they were the color of the sun burning down
And she had hair that smelled like jasmine, I loved her from the start
How was I to know she'd have a cold black heart

Well Maggie was my true love, the only kiss I knew
I'd meet her at the oak tree in the cool evening dew
Where we would walk beside the levee our fingers intertwined
While the crimson moon gazed through the needles of the pines
We'd lay beside each other, staring at the sky
Listenin' to the whistlin' of the train blowin' by
As it was on it's way to Macon The town where I was born
We'd make love in the darkness, 'til the hours of the morn

Waterfalls and rainbows, sweet salvation sin
As I lay there sleeping against her golden skin,

My friends now gather around and listen close
The story takes a turn I wasn't fair young Maggie's only lover I did learn
I went down by the oak tree lookin' for my lass
And walked east towards the levee with the sunset in my past
And then I ran through briars and brambles, until I finally found
my Maggie and her true love there lyin' on the ground
My eyes they filled with fire, they didn't see me there
I watched as she made love to him, caressed him with her hair
I don't remember how it happened I guess I just saw red
I drew my pistol from my belt and shot them graveyard dead

I once loved a maiden her name was Maggie Brown
But now I'm riding on a boxcar back to Macon town
The setting sun will never let me forget what deed I have done
Until the day they hunt me down,
I'm livin' on the run

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