Power Lines Lyrics


Telekinesis - Power Lines Lyrics

first time I looked straight into her eyes
I saw the future, I saw bluer skies
oh oh oh oh oh

Even when im lonely I am always surprised all

of the ways you told me to keep my eye on the


You and your photographic memory
You and your photographic memory

Im a broken man, Im damaged goods
Lock me in the basement with furnace soot

You came along in your party dress
I climbed a mountain under house arrest

When we were kids I swear we were power lines
Out on some journey searching for some better


You cant cut it out, no you cant keep it out

of line

Looking for the pavement
Looking like were running out of time

And I am yours and you are mine

Batten down the hatches and man the sails
The war isnt over, its not even tipped the


Dont muss up your hair because were destined

to fail

When I was young I thought I was a power line

When I was young I was searching for some

better time

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