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Maxnormal.TV - Total Fuckup Lyrics

You are so lost in make-believe
You have a new reality

Kyk hier! (look here)

Secretly I'm flippin insecure never said it
Behind the scenes I'm tired of being me because I'm pathetic
I'm never gonna make it, I might as well forget it
Success fuck yes, never gonna get it
Broke as a joke, I swear to god I wouldn't lie to you
Never had a job since I left school in '92
Can't handle people tellin' me what to do
Need to be my own boss, that's why I rock the suit
Try to handle my biz and show I'm the man
Here I am, with the microphone in my hand
If it's not a microphone in my hand, it's a flier
Like a mif (gross) door to door salesman with no fire
Please come to my show, it's gonna be cool I promise
This song is, honest, enough to make you vomit
Still sounding strange, still counting change
What's happening? I never wanna rap again

You are so lost in make-believe
You have a new reality
Total fuck-up

Sorry bru, I don't mean to worry you, hello
I'm not asking for money, sorry man, hello
My name is Duppie (I live in the shack over there)
Yo brah, you and me we could be making some money
Your rap is kak funny bro I skeem (think) you rock
I also watch Channel O, yo I feel you dog
You mustn't put yourself down, I don't think you're kak (shit)
You must to hook me up, maybe I can bring you luck
Cause I also do music, yeah I also got a talent
I do karaoke in the happy hour at the tavern
(And you know what! I won) the competition
And I got a vision, now a man is on a mission
Cause the man has got problems, you know how hard the life is
With four little (children) from four different wifeys
I'm serious, let's do this, we can make a CD
Put me in a studio, I wanna be on TV!
Check me out, check me out, check me out
Everybody's laughing because it's you I'm asking
They don't skeem (think) my chances are high
They say that I don't have what it takes to make you happy
All the same I just have to try

Hello my name is Duppie
maar jy moet nie lag nie (But you mustn't laugh)
Ek trek my sigaret warm (I pull my cigarette hot)
maar ek trek nie die_____(But I don't pull the load yet)

Kykie (look here), you're not a rap crew
(Duppie: shut your face!)
(Is the uncle going to work or to church?)
Don't moan, rather put down the microphone and go home
Fuck you and your kak (shit) suit!

Ugh I want to break free, why does everybody hate me?
Maybe I should take E, and maybe try to get in with the new rave scene
I'll change my name to Wad E, rock space age shades and shave my body
Sport tight little white shorts, now I'm the man
A tight white vest says "pump up the jam"
Change my accent, make it more wild
Total makeover, change my whole style
With the diamond ball inside my palm
My mind is gone, but the vibe is on

You are so lost in make-believe
You have a new reality
Total fuck-up

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