Storm Lyrics

CJ Stone

CJ Stone - Storm Lyrics

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Say (say say) where do I go today (day day)?
Who will be my temptation?
where is my destination?
I'll find (find find) your trace
don't you hide (hide hide) your ways
I have so much to give
that's the reason for me to live (to live, to live...)
Somewhere out there is a place I belong
somewhere out there will be the one
that cares for me
and tries to be
my island in the storm
somewhere out there will my heart will be warm
somewhere out there I'll see the sun
that shines for me
when you will be
my silence in the storm (in the storm, in the storm, storm, storm...)
my silence in the storm (in the storm, storm, in the storm...)

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