Crush The Window Lyrics

Dragon Ash

Dragon Ash - Crush The Window Lyrics

I heard noises from below
Crowd of people gathered in freedom
Crush the window now
Find out how the wind blows now

Jump around again さあflag上げ
Listen drum'n'bass stylee Now back the game
What's the name? We're the musica soldier
ほどけslow motion いたくそうrush out
One time jammin' 変幻自在に
You know what I mean そう田園にダイビング
そうsound garden crusin' まさにbloomin'
陽は差しかざすキャンバスに 描けfantastic the beats
One verse kick Let me
グランド飛ばすthe sound and my rhymee
Come this moment さあ揺れろ来る日も
Began just rollin' そう夢の続きを

Hold on without limit
Tomorrow come with joy You feel it
Hold on Keep goin' Just singin'
All we need this moment Don't kill it now


Sunset 到来 Still rockin' to beats gotta drop it
誘えwonder criminal in the squad
Faster lap 叩き出す かつ湧かす
Massy runner stereo We in the freely You' all
身任せ いざ数小節の逃避行
当然倍転 Goin' on 行こうぜ回転麻波
Mission はじけろ What your vision 描いて
また歌い出す 暗がりをlight up
つねに連動 プラスとマイナス ブレンド
混ぜたガイダンス 光あるステージへ
Come this moment さあ暮れ燃ゆる日も
Began just rollin' そう夢の続きを


Sail before the wind...


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