Piranha Lyrics

Tripping Daisy

Tripping Daisy - Piranha Lyrics

Keep thoughts high in the sky
You're like a big kite
that's flying from people
who wanna keep you down,
down in the crowds
Where they're always breakin' out

Watch out for piranhas
There's always piranhas
Watch out for piranhas

Ready or not
like it or not
here they come again
It's a shame
but you are just laughing
People want to keep you in the dark
You're always a mess
but you're always a step ahead of the crowd

Watch out for piranhas
There's always piranhas
Watch out for piranhas
So many times I have been late
while feeling the breeze
Tons of hopeless thoughts in me
Now I'm free...
And now I'm free!

Watch out for piranhas
You can be what you want
It's a matter of time
Prepare to be amazed
You're flashing
they're frowning
you flash the clover leaf cheer
It's a game
You're winning
There's always so many piranhas

there's always piranhas
watch out for piranhas

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