Nothing Personal Lyrics


Flymore - Nothing Personal Lyrics

Don’t wanna lose control

Inside of me
So I can’t sleep
I feel the hate rise up
In me I’m free
No memories
Hate the only thing for real
I’ve been dealt
Fuck that spell
Let that Evil keep stabbing me
Help it hurts deep inside

Don’t want you to console
Was fool enough
To reach for love
How bad I want you feel the way I do
To make it true
Wish we could get back to real
Some say
Hell Fuck her pal
Leave your nightmares all behind
Find yourself deep inside

I try to stop in but I can’t
Like salt on an open wound
Everything seems upside down
Round and round
After all the pain
After all the times
After everything we went through
I think it’s time to go

I think it’s time
To let you go
I hate the way you look at me
I hate that how you loving me
I hate your poking mockery
I’ve left it all behind I’m free

And now I’m free
And now I’m free
You see I’m free
You see I’m

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