Get 'Em Lyrics

DJ Drama Feat. Lil Wayne

DJ Drama Feat. Lil Wayne - Get 'Em Lyrics

Yea, Haha Drama Im Back
Dedication 2
I Aint Even Waitin On Em, Ima Get Em Now
Get Em, My Block Pumpin And Im Tryin To Keep That Hoe Pumpin
If Niggas Snitchin Them I Let Them Niggas Hold Sumthin
Get Get Get Em, My Block Pumpin And Im Tryin To Keep That Hoe Pumpin
If Niggas Snitchin Them I Let Them Niggas Hold Sumthin
If A Nigga Owe Sumthin Need A Doctors Note From Em, Or His Throat From Em
These Lil Niggas Thinkin They Fresh, Get Whiped Out Ya Clothes Youngin
I Got It All But I'Ll Beat U Like U Stole Sumthin
My Bitch Trippin, She Say I Treat Her Like My Old Woman
I Tell The Bitch Im Probably Better Off With No Woman
Yea, I Get That Brand New Money
Im The Boss Bitch, Im Touchin Every Dollar Thats Comin
Stop Playin, I Noe Wut Im Doin
Let Me Get Em, I Hope His Kids Not With Em
Yall Mother Fuckers Noe Me Im A Rider In The Side Of The South
Got The Money In The Matress And The Guns In The Couch, Wut Up
Puttin Out Cock Roaches In The Ashtray
Its Pay Day Till My Last Day
Yea, Walkin That Line With Alot On My Mind
I Get That Money, Never Droppin A Dime
I Dont Hate, Never, Not On My Time
I'Ll Put That Little Red Dot On Ya Mind
Talkin That Crime But Alot Of Em Lyin
Im Caught On The Grind, Never Get Off My Grind
Ima Pimp To These Hoes, Not A Pimp In My Mind, Nah
And Every Body Noe Im Sharp Wen I Ride
Hop Out That New Ferrari With That Little Horse On The Side Yea
Zoom Zoom Bitch Ride A Nigga Broom Witch
Have A Key Wet Stinkin Up Your Whole Room Bitch
Now Break Out The Purfume Bitch
And Niggas Come From Out That Beach, Im In That Water Like A Cruise Ship
Straight Up, Tell All My Dudes This
1 Pistol, 2 Clips, I Aim At Lips
Wayne That Shit, Shit On Yall
Given To U From The God
I Am The God

Yaaa, Money On My Mind, Money Money On My Mental
Super Super Soaker Would A Nigga Like A Swim Suit
I Think They Sippin On That 'I Can Fuck With Him Juice'
Test Me If Ya Wanna Bad Man I Knock A Limb Loose
I Aint Never Scared, Im Protected Everywhere
And If A Nigga Disrespect Me Then He Shall Be Very Dead
Thats My Word, Gotta Urge To Hit A Nigga And Swerve
And Them Birds In The Trigger Shot Down To My Feet
Its Me Mothafucka Whats Better To See
And When Ya Greeted Like Me Aint Nothin Better Then Beef
See I Would Meet Each One Of You Niggaz In The Street
Then Eat - And Pick You Little Bitches Out My Teeth
Shout Out To The Green And Red Stiches In My Teeth Nigga
With No Gucci Im A Double Chief Nigga
My Brothers You Have Send, And The God I Am.

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