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Pin-Up Went Down

Pin-Up Went Down - Cadavre Exquis Lyrics

Before becoming that bloodbathing irony
He used to be proud of his own
But wanting to overtake his master
He built the myth of l'arroseur arrosé.
Oh! L'arroseur arrosé!

" Meow! "
Kill the cat!
Cut and Cut!
Guts away!

Cinderella's mice:
"Straw and straw and sew and sew!
Here's a new cat, here's the new! "

Skin and flesh to sell
Another beautiful way to appreciate life
Cats and dogs, cows and horses, all that can bleed can become a wonderful dead friend!

"Take care of animals
And they'll show how they can love
You back...
Love, oh, love it won't be! "
Oh yeah!

Mary had a little lamb
We just put it on our
It followed her to school one day,
The butcher took it

One, two, ten, a thousand more, a funeral Noah's ark!
But why does this lamb drool and grunt, as the others applause?

XL, M or Xs
All become alive!

Oh, their claps! Oh its rage! Oh my throat and my legs!
Oh this blood, and their eyes all around me!

XL, M, or Xs
All became alive!

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