Stranded Lyrics

Anthony Callea

Anthony Callea - Stranded Lyrics


I didn't want it
I was alone and doin fine
You came along and
Sweet talked your way into my life
We started a new day
You said you'd promise to make it last
You left me half way, half way to nowhere
I pulled away from the start
But you faked you way into my heart
Leaving me here in the dark - stranded
I fell for your lies and your pretence
I gave you my time but in the end
I'm back in the same place again - stranded
You left me broken
You turned my whole world upside down
You make excuses
You think you can turn it all around
But I see right through it
Now I know what you're all about
It's like you planned it, to leave me stranded
I gave you my heart, and you got what you wanted from me
Its so easy for you but all I can do is watch you leave

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