Jihad! Lyrics

Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal - Jihad! Lyrics

(All right let's count it down)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7...
Fuck Boulevard beer and their corporate bosom.
I'd rather drink with an agnostic woman.
Fuck Applebee's and their corporate bosom.
I'd rather drink with an atheist woman.
Fuck the young republicans and their corporate bosom.
I'd rather drink with an agnostic woman.
(Hey Kansas City, no more drinkin' Boulevard beer, it's Flying Monkey mother fucker. here we go)
Hey yo Jerry Falwell's dead, everybody limbo!
Rap music is the new disco!
I kick drums down the stairs and laugh,

with these chumps and their bling-bling that sucks.
The phone goes "ring ring," wassup?
Shmuck, I'm here to save the day like I'm Ming Ming the duck fucker
Ya'll win the lotto and the foo-foo lives,
The rest of us just kinda hope Bono from U2 dies.
Blind Abercrombie trophy wives run the world like,
"Wow Jennifer, did you lose weight? You go girl!"
I mean it's corny, it's filthy;
so if you ever see me and I'm drivin' in a minivan then fuck it, come and kill me!
But sucka, ya'll can't see me like Snuffleupagus,
Now what the fuck is this I wanna kiss so pucker up your lips
The manwhore will charm ya. (wooo!)
I had it all when I was born like Jamie Lee Curtis and/or Ciara.
Follow, me.
Follow, me.
Follow, me.
(Come on!)
We gotta have a jihad.
We gotta have a jihad. (Come on!)
Follow, me.
Follow, me.
Follow, me.
(Come on!)
We gotta have a jihad.
Woo weeeeeee ooo.

I got a hangover, I could sell the scientific research,
I got my ass kicked last night so now my teeth hurt.
I can't purchase alcohol on Sundays; why?
Because they believe an invisible man's in the sky!
Kirk Cameron thinks sinners need to burn in flames,
I got a gun named Corey Feldman and a gun named Corey Haim.
The third world war just started, TAKE AIM!
They still think an invisible man is in the sky.
Kansas City mutha fucka better go check your dead self.
Drivin' through the hood gettin' road head from Fred Phelps.
I'll interrupt family dinner during prayer like,
"Uh, by the way I'm an atheist and. don't care."
The honorable reverand Ted Haggard got caught smokin' meth with a male prostitute up in a Motel 6,
the flow fell sick, then sweetened and unusual,
I'll go back to church when the Chiefs win the Superbowl.
I wanna paint Linda's sick dead words, gimme a canvas and the brain stem of Mitch Hedburg,
And I'ma use it as my quill tip -
I wanna take a couple drill bits and build myself an easel with the skeleton of Bill Hicks (that's a good man right there).
Man fuck Dane Cook and his corporate ass too (punkass mother fucker).
Now bring me the female version of Charles Darwin.
.All hail George Carlin.
Follow, me
Follow, me
Follow, me
(Come on!)
We gotta have a jihad
We gotta have a jihad (come on)
Follow, me
Follow, me
Follow, me
Come on!
We gotta have a jihad
Woo weeeeeee ooo

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