Empiresk (Live) Lyrics

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi - Empiresk (Live) Lyrics

Oh I, I believe in notions, of findings, that are far from transparent.
It's remarkable what becomes uncovered.

When instinct does not mislead
There is no pleasure in unveiling truth,
When the answers are so bleak
You must be lifeless to seal all speech

Leaving warmth unspoken
Threatening already broken bonds
Your palm was always open
(Understand you stand alone)
Your palm was always open

Eyes pried wide to resilience
(The bleeding off of energy)
Build it up and reconstruct
(This backbone has been reformed)
There's intensity in this influence

Eclipse what should have been
Miles and boarders and the unfamiliar
(Soaring past the moment of breaking)
Evolution in these strange surroundings
I find it inspiring

All that separated you from your wishes

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