Gills And Tails Lyrics

Amel Larrieux

Amel Larrieux - Gills And Tails Lyrics

i looked at my reflection in the water
thought what an unlikely pair
closed my eyes, held my breath, plummeted down, down, down
and anchored myself there

can't tell how long i've been
in the company of gills and tails
i think i feel my skin
growing scales

can i come up for air
can i come up, can come up
(repeat 3x)

i'm gettin' eaten up down here
i'm just not built like them
the big fish have a monopoly
the little fish get buried in the sand

this here world i'm in
sucks your life out, leaves you comatose
take back your salt and fins
send me a lifeboat


i look up at longing at the surface
hypnotized by the way the sunlight seems to ride each ripple
and they do a dance
every ray becomes a beckoning hand
i miss the sweet taste of oxygen
i mistook this for the promised land


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