Rapture Lyrics


Cormega - Rapture Lyrics

(*Prod. by Ayatollah)

My rise inevitable*
I rhyme incredible,
I try to ascend to the highest level when I'm in the booth,
I execute like an armed sniper,
Nicer than me na cipher,
I'm an articulate lyricist,
I remind you of the era,
When trickland was with the knicks,
Fort greene was Preme's and streets was serious,
I spit, sick as diesel in your vain,
Which means you get a rush and fiend for me to mc again,
As I look back how I cooked crack and what we became
From greed, no mystique in this hood we proclaim,
Where life and death are common as right and left
And dealin rock is like boxing you can win with the right connect,
Yet if ya stance ain't strong you lose rounds,
Be evasive body shots will put you down,
I spared with patience now I spill dom on the pavement,
For those who not here, my honor is sacred,
I came from sleepin on cots in cages,
To sleepin on beaches on tropic vacations,
My poetrys deep over melodic arrangements
Ayatollah hooked the beat up and I just laced it.

Enter my realm they callin me a savior, of hip-hop,
Same time niggas who get knocked and callin me for paper,
The cycle is never ending like my pen against paper,
In my premises I'm infinite no lyricist is greater,
Straight up like coke off the stove get ya weight up,
My mental strainer separates pure from infiltrator,
And men who betray us when the danger they scared to face consequences,
They want live niggas respect but have the heart of women,
Rappin hip-hop but different,
I'm a student of tradition,
A sneaker head who used to pee the bed,
Now I'm shittin in the beamer lift my heater if my seed ain't fed,
I seen the streets make a killer outta tj,
My pj's is said to breed base heads,
Some people... when the seen spank dead,
They even greed fakes tears knowin it's he they fear,
I flow with ease over the beat this is me right here,
No need to be king, to the street I'm here, apparent,
A maverick in the art of rappin,
I hold no grudge but palm a gat for those plottin those as if I'm a have it,
It's not gon happen I'll pop off like a block war and turn a fiend to hardcore addict.

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