When It's Black Lyrics

Electric President

Electric President - When It's Black Lyrics

(You don't know where I've been)
Don't get me caught up in the middle
I gotta live right
(You don't know what I've seen)
I've seen you strung up like a scarecrow in the moonlight
(You don't know what I know)

Oh lord, they took my name
They've got my name
Now I'm gone
Please, don't you forget my face
You're all I've got
Oh, I'm gone

(You don't know how far)
We'll drag you, white knuckled by the river on a cold night
(You don't know just how cold)
We've gotten
Our hands are just icicles and dog bites
We'll drag you off while you're sleeping soundly on a black night

No, not me
I'm not like them
Not like them
I'm not that gone
Don't you see we're at your door?

Oh, the clouds are blacker than our pupils, darling
They are raining ink down on hills, trees and houses
When it's black they'll show up
When it's all black they'll show up
Once it's black you'll see the whites of my eyes
Come get my teeth

You don't know where we've been
What we've seen, or who we are
You don't know just what we'll do
We've come for you
We've come for you

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