Godspeed Lyrics

All Natural Feat. Lone Catalysts

All Natural Feat. Lone Catalysts - Godspeed Lyrics

As I search for the right way to start this
the beat goes on regardless
so a brother might as well say something
I mean the bass is kinda thumpin
I don't wanna waste not one word
ignorant thoughts are best left unheard
each moment is brief and precious
in time we all fall breathless
and as I feel my lungs expanding
I thank God for understanding
an ability to learn my lessons
not to menchin the countless blessings
a little older, wiser, candid,
I reminisce on the 50 years song
it's kinda wild how I took it for granted
that I would even live that long
but if today were my last day
have I helped out the world that I'm leaving
and if this were my last breathe
could I postpone the breathing
but if I fail to inhale, that would just speed up the outcome
so I gotta try to take each breath, as if it were the last one

appreciate life
the brief time that we spend here
appreciate life
speak words that are sincere
appreciate life
for the numerous chances
appreciate life
for the questions and answers
appreciate life
for the wait that's upon me
appreciate life
for what lies beyond me
appreciate life
for the sun and the wind
appreciate life
for my fam and my friends
appreciate life

living in the myst of these miracles
how could I not be spiritual
and why would I edit what comes out
and what more important could I talk about
I don't claim to have all the answers
I don't even know half the questions
but as we search for a cure for cancer
we forget to reflect on our blessings
and what we think about this quit odd
learning to believe in this nonsense
? that I know?
but each death that they takes unconscious
don't be believing in the physical
focused on the right side of the decimal
using facts to found philisophical
I like spands limited by the logical
cause and effects gonna get ya
it ain't a matter of if you believe it
we engage and debate over scripture
but ain't never took time to read it
and then we wonder why we live miserable
trapped by a world growin diabolical
but through the all powerful
all things are possible... all things are possible
all things are possible... all things are possible
all things are possible

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