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Anggun - Cover Lyrics

This is wrong
Somehow the heat of the sun's not as strong
As the warmth I knew and could only belong
To the sky of my home
No other than from my home

Though I've been gone
Painting lines of destiny on my own
Tasting water from the sea of unknown
But whenever the wind blows
The winter's here in my soul

Some things can't be erased from a paper
Blood cannot be replaced by water
Dreams that I have embraced
Can't cover the trace of my home
Of my home

I don't know when
I can go back and start over again
Will I be a stranger?
Will they be friends?
Doubts are pouring like the rain
Hoping they can understand


Can you see on my face?
Come closer
This love cannot be disgraced by anger
Dreams that I have embraced
Can't cover the trace of my home
There's things that can't be erased

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