Lovers Rock Lyrics


ABS - Lovers Rock Lyrics

I ain't trying to hide it
Since i laid my eyes on you
Ain't no use trying to fight it
From falling deep into you

I want you here with me
It's how it's got to be
Girl ifeel surroundedby you
Beautiful you are
Just like a shinning star
I want to give my loving to you
Don't you know i'll fall in love
If you were here tonight
And even if i fall apart

I fall apart and you'd be there
So don't you know i'd fall in love
If you were by my side

Ain't no doubt about it
Cupid's got his eye on you
Let's make this love a habit
Forever in love with you

Don't you know i'll fall in love
I'll fall in love if you'll be there
Don't you know i'll fall in love
If you were here tonight

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