Brother Lyrics

Rhett Walker Band

Rhett Walker Band - Brother Lyrics

You're a king and a prisoner, one for each eye
Starting to believe your own lies
You hold every moment tight at the throat
But nothing's ever out of control

You act like you know every answer
Making your world work just right
Never a question, never a doubt in sight

Brother, don't you know no one's too high to fall?
No one's strong enough to make their own way
Brother, don't you know we're all just beggars and thieves
In need of the very same grace, the very same grace

A day's always coming when our kingdom breaks down
Our plans are like glass on the ground
You act like you know every answer
Missing matters the most confessing our weakness

'Cause that's when God moves in close
Come down off of that mountain, let go of everything
Come, join us who are broken, that mercy is healing

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