Coming Home Lyrics


AMADAN - Coming Home Lyrics

You couldn't find me anywhere
Out at sea, deep under
raging waves I swayed
Captured in the arms of Poseidon
I lost consciousness, once again

Their voices laugh in ridicule
Did you believe that you could survive?
You know your sun burns way too fast
And you are nothing without our wrath

All my executioners wearing masks
As I crawl in dirt to find
The answer to a question never asked
Is something true to me

All familiar faces just like I recall
Feels so good coming home

Reach out your hand,
wait for me there by the shore
Unlock your door I'm coming home

From the corals she emerged
And she ripped away my chains
But I never got to see her face
From the oceans come what may
She brought out the light of day
But I never got to see her face

When the sky puked out
it's spears I opened my arms
Cut in half I reached for your shadow
While picking up the pieces
I opened my eyes
And I see that you're aiming for me

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