Once Upon A Time In America (Deborah's Theme) Lyrics

Enio Morricone

Enio Morricone - Once Upon A Time In America (Deborah's Theme) Lyrics

feat. Tekitha

Chill, nigga, chill.
Get some rest, man, come on, man
Stop playin' wit' me, man
ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhh

Lately... I had a love that would ignite all the fire
The desire would leave, for you I'd admire
Lately... you seem all corrupt
I've had enough and you forced me to hide under covers
Drove me to arms of another

Broke the top of goose-down sheets, kissed her on the neck
Real love, hope this ain't the last time we meet
Felt like a King who had a Queen want him
I usually deserve hotels, this one's the gift, slick
On our eye-to-eye contact, body movement, all on the grind
A lady's starin' at me, all in my mind
Sayin', Boo, I gotta live with you, let's connect and be a bridge
You stay three forths and I'ma wiz you

Months ago.. you came to me
Told me... love me forever
See.. time has passed.. and lonely days
Have rid his head now.. stormy weather
But out of the rain.. came some delight
I ain't ashamed.. I know that it's right
The way that I'm feelin'..
He touches me.. in ways I like
Says things you won't.. won't day or night
Givin' me healin.. I'm leavin'
cuz you wanted to know.. that is the reason

The only set back in my state of grace
Is that.. the love is real.. for you and him
In different ways.. and.
You're out in space.. yes here on Earth it's fun to play
I wish you were present so my love wouldn't go astray
And he gives what I need.
Quenches my thirst when you say Girl, please
That's a waste of my breath
It's funny to me.. that you get upset
And I told you quite often
I'ma fill up the space.. did ya think I was talkin'
out the side of my neck..
You left me alone, what did you expect

I'm dead in my sleep, she's standin' over the kid
I'm terrified, shorty was deep
I had my hand in her account plus livin' in a lab
Like a Count, I had to go six shorties was pink yo
She had the yolk on me that's when I went broke
We used to flip coke together, get boasted and float
We split real bread, we was large
We had our weddin' in the garage
And then she stopped reviewin' my bars
Hold up

Heeeeeeyyyyyy... yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh
Forever.. ohhhhhhh bbbbaaaaaaabbbbbbbbyyy
Ohhhhhhh yyyyyooooouuuuuu yyyyyyyyyyoooooooouuuuu

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