Drowning Lyrics

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim - Drowning Lyrics

And I never will know why
Love will pay no mind to me
Love always loved the way it sounded in theory
And I'd kill to be alone
With the strength to be alone
Lonely feelings make me sad around company
Well I'm dedicated and I'm craving someone that i don't know
In this sea of stupidity I am stuck in the undertow
Here come the lifeguard
I'm drowning, she seems so delicious
I'm grounded wtih her arms around me
And I'm, I'm blinded by them ugly fishes

Don't ask me any of your questions
I won't tell you my lies
Words deserve to serve the painful penalty
And it's analyzing just how they're spoken
Three times my hearts been broken
Mama, you ain't never told me it's gonna feel like this
So don't sit back and settle for comfort over pain
I've been burned by the copper kettle
I have spit back at the pouring rain
Lie must gut denial
Smile at it's melting face
My insides are defiled
It's wild baby but i cannot erase

Truth is all a lie and I'm trying lesser everyday
Death to all that's dying, conditioning and decay
Ticktock in a pitter-pattern
Balls drop cock saluting Saturn

Darling I just wanna shoot a gun.

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