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Yashin - Everytime Lyrics


EVERYTIME the end is near
And EVERYTIME I hold you here
My heart just keeps giving me some free time

I can't complain
I gotta stop fading away
Change is a game that I gotta stop playing today
Just to make sure my life is honest
Cause I know it's sounds wrong like and organ outta key
My granmotha died and left a grandson at three
It's harder than it seems when you vains get aquired
To the vains in your heart that's starting out to bleed
Til you find yourself staring at your face in the mirror
And there's that sad face that looks familiar
Cause time regrets known as memory lane
Til your staring at your mistakes upon your everyday
But before I make a choice upon whatever I say
I be, I'm a make a choice to be me

The freedom that I had
Gives me another reason
To neva eva feel sad
Neva eva feel bad
When I see you happy
It makes me glad
If we eva have a baby I'll be the dad
I'm a be so rad
I'm a be the one to teach it how to add
I'll hold you tight please don't get mad
I would always save my lunch money to take a cab
And ride it all the way up to your pad
But I gotta face the facts that I don't have you
Remenicin about before thinking about you
I lost you now
But I want you back some how
I want you back in my arms right now
So tell me girl what you wanna do
U got a boyfriend but I'm here waiting for you
Just give me one more chance and I'll promise I'm a stay real true

EVERYTIME the end is near
And EVERYTIME I hold you here
My heart just keeps giving me some free time

E everytime single time I think about you baby
V is for the vain that will stand the pain when u become my lady
E is everytime I say a rhyme all nicely so don't even ask me
R is the rhyme that spells the word everytime so that's tha line
Y is the reason because lately you're the answer to my all my questions
T is tha time that I will always promise to always get your attention
I got an Intention to tell you cause I gotta mention that I'll be yo protection
M is for my one and only selection
E is for everytime I actually learn my lesson

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