Southern Hummingbird (Outro) Lyrics


Tweet - Southern Hummingbird (Outro) Lyrics

I'm about to say put that on dillion,

I love you my guardian angel timbaland jamate,
J brown, suzy I did it Tasawnna mommy loves you,
My mom and my dad thanks for the support my brothers and sisters tom,
Cedric, Lonnie, Saundra,
My nieces and nephews, my grandma, my aunts,
My uncles, my cousins thank you
And for those who said I couldn't do it wouldn't make it,
I'm still praying for ya there's still hope for ya
And I couldn't leave without saying thanks to the one above
Cause he made this all possible sylvia rome thank you,
Mary bob thank you elektra staff thank you my friends back in the bronx
Mariamme calvin, paula, shell ya'll was there for me we did it we did it
it feels so good yea yea yea (singing southern hummingbird)

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