Between You And Me Lyrics


4Him - Between You And Me Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder how it would be
If things would have stayed just the same
It's certain that things would be different of course
But we both know it's better this way
'Cause there's no denying it's so clear to me
That life gives us choices to make
And somehow some things
Are just destined to be
But I'm certain it's not a mistake

Just between You and me,
Both of us know there is something
That's changed in my heart
For what's come between You and me
Has caused us to grow so much closer
not further apart
Oh, God it's amazingly clear I can see
Something's come between us
Between You and me

As I remember, I can't help but see
You knew what was best from the start
'Cause there have been times
I could not see Your plan
But I've held on trusting Your heart


In the midst of those times
When the world gets so crazy
And life is too much for me to bare
I can rest in the knowing
That You're all I need to get by
Just as close as a prayer

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