To Hell Lyrics


Havok - To Hell Lyrics

Keep your distance from my life
You want to talk to me? You're gonna meet my fist
Mess with me I'll mess you up
You've never seen a temper quite like this
Stay away from me right now
I got a pistol cocked and I'm pissed
Pull the trigger, yes I will
Seeing you die would be total bliss

Why am I smiling? You wonder why
Cause it's time to kiss your ass goodbye
Said it once, I'll say it twice
Tonight's the night you're gonna die!
Look in my eyes and you will see
Tonight's your final destiny
You won't wake up again oh no!
Final shot - to hell you go!

Threaten my safety I'll threaten yours
All I see now is an open door
Opening up to your thoughts of pain
Fear is driving me insane!

Getting to the boiling point
One day soon you shall be joined
By the dark lord in his home
Very soon it will be your own!

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