Like London Lyrics

Luca Prodan

Luca Prodan - Like London Lyrics

Writing on dirty paper with
nothing new to say
except that as I see it, today is
just today.
The past is ever present,
with all
its senseless pain
And through the nearest window
it nearly looks like rain
Just like London
The logs here in the fire don't
really want to burn
BUt as with all desire, you've got
to live & learn
The flames wich mean to warm
me, warm me
That bad things can still happen
All the same
Just like London
Children laughing children crying, children all the same, but you'll grow up and through
mistakes you'll learn to play
So keep your eyes peeled and
watch out for the game sneak
And keep your nose clean or
you'll end on your back
Just like London
Cheat the reaper & find a wife
Throw away your switchblade knife
Let your wounds heal
Let your heart feel, let it feel...
Unlike London!

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