Time After Time Lyrics

Jon B.

Jon B. - Time After Time Lyrics

I learned so much about love
Since I've been by your side
And you spend all your time
Knowing what you've done for me
The simple fact is
That I'm longing for you, girl
Desperate and needing you to stay in my life

'Cause I'm sorry but forgiving
But your love for me id for the wrong reasons
I wish I could satisfy you baby
But you're so sick of the those natural things
Guess I'm a fool for loving you
But honestly the truth is

Time after time
I'll be yearning for you
Dime after dime
I thought I was earnin' 4 two
Maybe this time you1ll be the one
Who feels the pain
Time after time again

I used to be such a baby
Crying in your arms
But now I'm older, wiser
Now I'm hip to the scene
Tell me, when you make love to that someone else
Do you think of how it felt
Different with me when you feel asleep?
When you wake up, I was there

I was honest
I was changed for the good
But the bad of it all
Is it's worth nothing, nothing to you
I wonder if after it all
Is there someone still waiting for me
Is this all in the plan for the helping hand
I wish it would be you
But I know it can1t

You gave your reasons why
You made perfect sense
But you'll miss your water
When your well runs dry
'Cause somewhere, I believe
I was the one
You'll have your fun
In the back of your mind
You'll find that you still love me
Time after time

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