Really Rockabilly Lyrics

Brian Setzer

Brian Setzer - Really Rockabilly Lyrics

Here they come in their cuffed Levi's
Hair slicked back, they're real tough guys
Black t-shirt and a bad attidude
Better not step on their blue suede shoes

Livin' in a time that's long since gone
It's not quite right, there's something wrong
Look! There goes another Betty Page
Get with it chick, it's all the rage


He's really, really, really rockabilly
Really, really, really rockabilly
He pissed in his pants
He's too drunk to care
He's wearin' 1956 underwear

There's neo-rockabilly
There's psycho-rockabilly
There's Starbucks-Orange-County rockabilly
There's euro - ja-ja-wir machen-rockin' rockabilly
There's Western-swing-traditional-blues-
influenced rockabilly
There's Australian shrimp-on-the-barbie-
to-buy-your-rolled-up-Levi's rockabilly
There's rock-a-Johnny, rock-a-Sally, rock-a-hillbilly
It's all too stupid, and it's just plain silly


The man at the door
He's a rockabilly guy
He said you can't come in
Your pompadour's too high
Better grow them sideburns

Get a tattoo on your neck
Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon
Drive a rockabilly wreck

Has it come to this?
I want a new job
Rockabilly retards and rockabilly slobs are rockabilly
It used to be fun just to play the guitar
Now I just want to run real, real far


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