Sacred Pleasure Lyrics


Takara - Sacred Pleasure Lyrics

Oh my mother didn't tell me of your kind
U took everything i had and more u left me nothing behind
But there's one thing you couldn't have
And that's my

Sacred pleasure (sacred pleasure)
It's all i need to gain the strength i lost in u
Sacred pleasure (sacred pleasure)
It's everthing 2 me if i'm going to get over u

When i 1st met you i was invigorated from your smile
My innocence i gave 2 u
But then i saw right thru u
U can't have my


I'm takin it day by day, the memories fade away
Now, i'm getting over u
I'm finally movin'on, & someday i'll find the 1
2 take the place of u

Now i've got u out of sight & out of mind
I'm back 2 where i was b 4 u were in my life

I knew i would survive with my


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