Stagger Lyrics


Underworld - Stagger Lyrics

orange, orange, orange in the mouth again, straighten
wearing stonewashed denim again, straighten
carrying something wrapped in plastic, straighten
curled on the blue velveteen again, straighten


sightless yellow high-rise Bethnal Green, straighten
corner tubeless, dark and wet, straighten
tin tongue slow leaning again, straighten
with its glass eyes a blue formica halo

stainless steel between the fingers, straighten
pissed and leaning ponytail, licking
Colonel Sanders' fingers

the naming of killer boy

everything's going west nothing's going east, straighten
there's no need to be so uptight, straighten
make up for all their messes; i could listen to you all day, what a laugh
cut me i bleed like you, ha ha

the naming of killer boy

cover your teeth, i love you
don't bite me yet, i believe in you
i found you shopping in Europa on
Wardour Street, not phoning packwidth ***

guilty as sin, straighten
scratches on paper, pissed in a tube hole, straighten
smelling of deep-fried beans and whispering your name
tube hole wind in my face, thunder in gentle distance

reactor reactor do you mind, straighten
this is a random feature
random feature
this is a random feature

the naming of killer boy

wired up.

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