The Creation Lyrics

Neal Morse

Neal Morse - The Creation Lyrics

Long before these brave new modern times
The first madman received the breath of life
He and woman walked this wonderland
Talking daily with the great I am
It had begun...

We were of one mind
Fellowship divine
All creation came
We lived to praise his name
And we walked his way
In the cool of the day

All was made was one big everything
The Father gave the son life's golden ring
And all was rosy in their company
All creation in full diversity
Was only one...

In the evening breezes they went walking towards the sun
God and his creations had a time when they were one
And they lived together and no other will was done

Hand and hand and face to face they tarried
Living in one universal mind
In his garden home (day or night)
Man was not alone (in a perfect light)

Like Clark Kent to Superman he's leaping
The pres, the V.I.P. of the grand design
Sin was never known (day or night)
In their garden home (in a perfect light)

And he let him name the things that are
And asked his opinion
Just like the agent to the star
He gave him dominion
And he was made into two
And he gave them a job to do
And they were to care for every part
And love was the union

And at the designated time
At the usual venue
He went calling in the night
Children where are you?
Children where are you?

Why are you hiding?
You were ashamed
You fled my eyes
I gave you life
And all that I wanted
Was just one thing
But you chose a lie

We were of one mind
Once upon a time
But we turned away
We've got to find a way
To get back again
To where it all began
We were torn apart
Now we're reaching from the heart
Make us one we pray
In the cool of the day
Of the day

We can walk his way...

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