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Waikiki - Enough Lyrics

When i first found you thought of you got me so high
But i'm amazed at how quickly the hunger is leaving my eye
Oh i think its time to

Put you in a box in the clear bubble wrap
And store you in the garage next to this or to that
And we smile cause the pile it mile high in a stack
And the only thing i'm lacking is the thing that i lack
Which is enough

Ten thousand years ago our fathers went astray
They made their own bondage just to find an easier way
I've had enough
Eventually must seem to be enough
But it's never quite enough

Do you remember when we first met i was just five years old
You were a big shiny toy and i would have sold my soul
You know it only took a couple years till want turned into need
And greed grew a twisted tree from such a simple seed
Time to put you in the box in the clear bubble wrap
And i'll never be content without the thing that i lack which is enough

Necesitamos cuidado con la verdad que compramos
Cosas y mas cosas es el dios de los estados
Iglesias esta en el centro de ciudades de latinos
Aqui en el centro solo hay mercados

Ten thousand years ago our fathers went astray
Sacrificing the balance around in pursuit of an easier way
You think you've got what its about
You think its about what you've got
The pot has been boiling so slowly
No ones even getting hot
I've had enough

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