Fine Lyrics

Clara Luzia

Clara Luzia - Fine Lyrics

Fine - I guess I'm doing fine
I sleep at night and work all day
and in between there's some time to drift away

hurry up it's time to see the sun is sad enough
to hide behind a veil
try to lift it up but sadness causes
above all only sadness

and it's only because the tears blur my eyes
before they wash them out and reveal the disguise
it's rather later than sooner that we see things clearer
take a look in the mirror
and you'll know what I mean

Fine - I guess I'm doing fine
I think a lot and I know too little
I think I know too little
I think I know too little

So sometimes I praise escapology
cause it's the only way to be when you learn and you see
how cruel people can be
cruel people can be
I never believed in the tale of reason

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