New Shadow Lyrics


Cripper - New Shadow Lyrics

Reality, reflection
I'm the fire-feeding
The world around is built by us
And "us" is more than all of you and me

In the end
Nothing is true
What has been and is, will be
In a different light
From now on:
New shadow

Shadow, awake in the sunlight
Shadow, alive like an animal
Shadow-alike run up the wall
My shadow-allied
A shadow like mine

Open eyes
Seeing things in a different light

While I'm here
And on my own
Nothing speaks
Nothing means
My words for you
I say again:
All my words for

You make it whole
You give sense
The meaning stretches
To the end
Another focus
Different view
Support all angles:
This is real!

With all my strength and all my senses
Ease my mind, embrace the pain

These words I own are yours right now
Each letter, word... each phrasing, sound

So level up the inspiration
Make me feel the humming flow

A symbol for the peace of mind
A symbol for my shadow-allied

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