I Am The Apocalypse Lyrics


$Uicideboy$ - I Am The Apocalypse Lyrics

Eyes stay bloodshot
Both on Fetty Wap
Let them roll back while them drugs do their job
Same motherfuckers thinking that they still hot
Be the same motherfuckers I can't see at the top
6 double 6 til my crucifix
Diagnosed a lunatic
Blood on me no need to rinse
Been dead for years no need to slit
Suboxone strips so I don't slip
But all my cravings still exist
Sometimes I just need that fix
Sometimes I just need that drip
Voices say you need that bitch
Convinced I'm meant to die with it
Scripts stay piled up with my sins
Sniffing them pills all I feel is bliss
Falling from a cliff no saving $lick
Fate laid out no changing it
Found my peace
Accepting it
I am my own apocalypse

Aye, aye, aye, yeah, uh
Digital villain
The sin of the internet
Your WiFi password is incorrect throw up the set
G59 in full effect
Cigarette smoke silhouette
Me and $lick $loth in the trunk of the vette with
Pouya in the front headed straight for the check, aye
Stains on the blades
No that ain't wet paint
That's your favorite fucking rappers brains on the pavement
Typical drug addict
Fictional love at it's finest
I'm pissing away my whole life and it's
fine because RUBY DA CHERRY is physical
I'm just a piece of shit trying to shine
Ignorant swine
What a pitiful try
Bitch I'm ripping out spines
Sifting through pine just so I can get high one more time
Let me shout I'm high till I die

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