Open Lyrics

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson - Open Lyrics

My love for you is open
My love for you is open to
Whatever you wanna do
My hearts door is open
No more positive feeling

All the signs of passion
And warm desire
Their welcome hand is out for you
To come on inside

You don't have to knock to come in
the key

My golden arms are open
To embrace your body
With all the holdin' two arms can give
Pull all this with me

Want you to know that
Just tellin' you
That is the key
Too much been locked up inside of me

My mind is always open
Suggestions that you're ready to make
I'm ready to take

My love for you is open
And all the stops, when I become yours
If you make it so

There ain't no stoppin' you
Love is the key
Return as my lover
It's all I ever will be

You gotta be open
Well, everything is open
Everything that I wanna do
on you


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