Corruption Lyrics


Northlane - Corruption Lyrics

I opened my eyes to the world.
Day after day I searched for answers.
As time went by I grew further away from who I was.
I felt lost chasing a ghost I might never find,
But what I found I wasn't prepared for.
Everywhere I look I see crime without punishment;
I just didn't know where to begin.
I am holding onto what bit of sanity I have left.
Come fight with me my brothers,
And claim our world that's been violated by the hands of the corrupt.
I am but one,
But together we hold the key to a new dawn of prosperity.
We've created a seed that has spread to the core of humanity.
Killing itself from the inside.
Unintentional suicide.
Money and corruption ruin the land.
Crooked politicians betray the working man,
Pocketing the profits,
Treating us like sheep.
We're tired of hearing promises we know they'll never keep.
I will become the end of this sad and bleak corruption that reigns on all.

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