Vaginal Secretions Lyrics


Necro - Vaginal Secretions Lyrics

I want to lick your pussy...

Enter my sex club, I got a slut bent on the floor
100 percent hardcore, a carnivore to whores
I got the pussy meat in my jaw, eating it raw
the period bleeding is pure
pulling at the beads covered in gore
I'll kiss your ass, piss in a glass
make you drink it, you'll suck numerous cocks that are stinkin
your purpose in life is to grab a dick and jerk it
you go girl, work it
you piece of shit bitch, you're worthless
You're a hot cunt, a piece of ass worth a lot of cash
A teenage fuck who's a girl slash
I'm dead ass, she had a wet gash
but the cunt stuck like skunk
I almost puked up a lung
your bent over with cocks in your shlot
in your shit box, a walking hoe
sucking 4 P.O.'s, you dirty lip rot
you dumb and full of cum
You fuckin hoes, can suck on hose
both the nut on your nose, dog


They say what you put in, you get out
well I put my dick in your cunt, now GET OUT!
your saggy tits, and flappy hips are hanging like a bag of shit
gotta cock I'ma gag you with
I need a babe from the beach, to be my slave on a leash
you'll be on your knees, til your in a grave, deceased
you get laid in peace, you can't breathe
Cause buried in your throat, is some creams meat six foot deep
the girl of the millennium, you fuck many men
down a fuck, 10 of them bitch, you'll commit any sin
you got absolutely perfect tits
necrodice's brazilian bitches are delicious like sicilian slices
shes inquisitive, ill seize the initiative
the mission is to rip a skin tissue
lets see if this bitch will live
blowin my dick is suicide, it's way too wide
my flesh polar can stretch it make you puke up the food inside

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