Keep On Lyrics

Jah Cure

Jah Cure - Keep On Lyrics

Jah will protect the people you know
From all poverty and distress
Yes Jah
Thanks and praise... Rastafari
Tell every Nation you know
People of the world
Oooooohh Yeaaaaaahh

Keeeeeep Ooooon
Shining light within
I'll share my joys with anyone
As long as they are free

Cause on and on we gooooo
It's not an easy road
Jah is here with meeeeeee
Woooooa whoooa
Thy rod and thy staff

Shall comfort meeeeee
Dayyyyys of my liiiiiife
There are many that will say
It's noooooo use
Just a waaaasssste of tiiiiiime
But Iiiiii will never mind
I'lllll keeeeeeep on dooooooing
He's my light

It's a foggy foggy roooooooaaad
Still I find my way
Though so far from hooooome
Sinnnnging songs of redemmmmption
My people i need your full attennnntion
Why why wooooa
To set me free
Ooooohhhh yeeeeea
Wo yow wo yow wo yow eeeeh

Ooooooh oh ohhhhhhhhh
Oh ooooooohhhhh
Yeaaa yeaaa yeaaa
Cause once upon a tiiiiime
It wasn't like this
It was muuuuuch betttttter
There is a steep mountatin to climmmmmb
A faaaaar way to goooo
Get yourself toooogether

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