You're All I Need Lyrics

Peter Kent

Peter Kent - You're All I Need Lyrics

I could never let you go
Even though I don´t be so
It´s so hard to decide
What can I do
Every time that I walk away
I think that I´ll be bound to stay
Each step that I take
I need one to make
Away right back to you You´re all I need
I feel it deep inside
So many times of times
To let you go
You´re all need
To keep me satisfied
I´ll stay right by your side
Forever more Only you can understand
What it takes to hold your hands
Not to ever let go`Cause your heart says no
If leavin´you makes me strong
It´s not gonna last too long
I´m in a terrible stage
I don´t want to wait
I just gonna let you know You´re all I need,... I need just one reason
To make in through the season
There´s no one to even
The love and joy you bring You´re all I need,...

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