Back Up Lyrics

Southpaw Swagger

Southpaw Swagger - Back Up Lyrics

Back Up
Ready for War? We can Do it Then.
Strap Up
Settle The Score, we can shoot it then
Match Up
Mano a mano, or wit a group of men.
Better not bring your boys 'cause cuz you'll loosen the.
Jab and block like boxin' yo
grab the glocks, and lock and load, if you
blast some shots and pop 'em mo'
either way it go, someone's got to go
The tension 'tween us, to strong
tired of taking crews on for too long
times been wasting
who's right and who's wrong?
Don't matter tonight
Who lives and who's gone
Your caucus seek an assassination
I see you imagination is weak and exaggerated
Peep the swag' of David
I speak on behalf of greatness
Your lip service is makin' me a bit nervous
Next time we'll communicate to the face
Casket conversations, death accommodations
We're taking your state and all surrounding nations
(Women and children lay low, get down in the basement)
When the troopers blast, get to movin' fast
everything's dying that's standing in the shooter path
dot on your head is bigger than a Jewish hat
wave the white flag or get your life snagged
Tired of peace talkin'
Hire a fleet and a chief, they'll die in a week,
I'll supply 'em with free coffins
Silence the beef, fire and heat sparkin'
your riders is weak, slightly retarded
You're in the danger zone, keep ya' bangers on
One shot from the fifth, I'll leave your fingers gone
I'm in my Kevlar suit, with my gators on.
In the middle of the battle field with my tank and all
Your starter jackets, target practice.
Wherever you are, we sparkin' at it.
My veteran troops know they' better than you,
Shoot it up-side-down, then they spark it backwards
Poppin' the seams on your Nautica jeans,
I know it's kinda extreme, ya-da-da-mean?
But when they cockin the nozzel, and follow the beam
and them spies run in when they follow the scream, they say...

yeah... uh... here we go
It ain't goin down like that (No)
Put 'em in the ground when that pound spray back. (uh)
We ain't goin down like that (No)
Put 'em in the gound, now them clowns lay flat.

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