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Clouddead - Pop Song Lyrics

It's the wood man and his splintering self.
It's the wooden woman and her hollowing out

Sickly Micky Mouse.
Skinny Minnie Mouse.

Elvis, what happened?

Pop Sickle note: The lable stapled a speaker
to the back of a sheep's throat.
Tongue depressor with the width
With the width of a spatula
Supresses all syllables;

"blah blah blah", end quote.

Cotton candy, Cotton candy... spun any way you like it.

Elvis, what happened?

High school picture day in L.A.,
someone in the sky with diamonds.
And you go back to bed
with a dead dog in your head.

How can I be your lover
when you sport a head of rubber?
You can't take applause to bed with you.
I've got my own blood and a decent depression line.

And then we say "fuck" in our pop song.

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