Na Na Lyrics


Superchick - Na Na Lyrics

Your running a case against me
Prosector judge and jury
we had this conversation in your head
cause i wasnt there you made up what i said
or what i would of said you know me so well
you heard how i am and how im going to heaven knows
we never had this conversation or should i be calling it a condemnation
cause your not listening to me

So na na na na na
thats all im gonna say
Cuz na na na na na
made up your mind any way
na na na na na
theres nothing i cant do
so na na na na na
couldnt we be friends if not for you

feel like a teacher from Charlie Brown
All you hear is that wawawa sound
Maybe im pokemon Pikachu
cause that what comes out when im talkin to you
Your a crusader youve made me your fight
your Super hero name is Mr. Right
instead of trying to understand
you show all your friends how wrong I am
Your not listening to meee


Cant we be friends
Why does it end
before a word is even heard
I look at you your attitude
why cant you see
that its not me

oops i did it again, i see
the person im talkin about is me
assuming you the enemy
in the cross hairs of my verbal uzi
no matter who wins we both lose
no matter who starts we both choose
To keep it going on and on and on
But lets start listening and see

la la la la la
la la la la la
sorry that it got this way
la la la la la
next time i wont let it stew
la la la la la
Couldnt we start over me and you

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