Urgency Lyrics

Tilly And The Wall

Tilly And The Wall - Urgency Lyrics

A chorus of car alarms, shoes on the powerlines
Young kids stealing cars and having switchblade fights
Two little kids out selling lemonade in the sun
If you want them raised right you I guess you start them young
A homeless woman walking around in the snow
Tired father at the bus stop hey bus driver take him home
Boy down at the corner store copping some smokes
In a sea of perfect stripes it's hard to stay afloat
Well the urgency
Oh man I feel it in the streets
All the people they're rhyming
They're stomping their feet
Got the shake of the grass roots beat
There's a preacher down on 24th and farnam street
Where the shattered glass is lying always glittering
And a prostitute with money spilling out her hands
Both screaming about some high tide rising
A protester's sandwich board in the park
Said you know the world is big and got a loose heart
You've only got what you've just polished clean
So you either start screaming or start singing

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