Big Money Lyrics

The Game

The Game - Big Money Lyrics

I got big money I drive big cars,
everybody know me,
it's like I'm a movie star,
everybody know me,
it's like I'm a movie star,
everybody know me,
it's like I'm a movie star,
I got big money, everybody know,
brand new rose phantom, put those sixes on the
when I pull up in the hood, niggas say there go
the man,
I put them Asanti's and Nelly's on them
California license plates,
Aftermath logo,
back with the Doc after a 5 year solo,
woke up in the club 10 bottles of the bub,
tell them hoes, Im buying what they drinking,
just pour it up, all my n-ggas is banging
what you claim just throw it up,
if you aint getting money like I'm getting go get
a cup,
if you aint getting pussy like I'm getting,
take one of mine,
you know Im in this bitch with 20 dollars worth of
Yeah, Im from Compton, everybody know,
I aint riding on LeBron's thats 2004,
I aint riding on Kobe's thats 2005,
if it aint February's on the truck it aint right,
dont ask what Im sitting on, mills on the rims,
Lamborghini top unless I call it Lil Kim,
Walking through the club with a pocket full of
iceberg on my chest no man on my ring,
I aint talking bout Jeezy, talking bout them
medallion so big think Im walking with my rims
tell the DJ we got a line outside,
you can play it after Gucci and Dre just let it
Girl lets make a movie, hop inside my car,
I be Denzel and you can be just who you are,
aint worried bout ya man,
leave that nigga at the bar,
got some tint on my Ferrari,
this movie is rated R,
ya girlfriends is extra's,
baby you a star,
and its time to burn rubber no stuntman involved,
doing a 100 on the highway, pulling on my gear
your girl got her hand on my cock but I ain't Will
baby I'm a baller, inside outside,
yeah it's aftermath and we back in the club,
while you wait for Detox let this muthaf-cker

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