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Z-RO - Heaven Lyrics

Microphone check 1-2
Z-ro crookin’ in the building
Y’all know me
But I’d like to introduce to you
A friend of mine
We go way way way way back
Wrote the van drumps
So if you will, if you please

Sittin’ in the courtroom, waitin’ on the outcome
Prosecutor dumb on me to go back to my house hah
Right here, right now he wanna lock me
He probly wish another negro brother would’ve shot me up
And he don’t even know me
He just know what he read
But as long as Jesus didn’t write then he might be misled
Even if he knew I’m a good person he would still be giving
Innocence to give don’t matter
He tryin’ to get a conviction
Day before yesterday I saw a child get 40 years
Time gets passed up like can and you see your mother shed tears
Me, myself, I’m facing 2 to 20
Nice step uh?
Going to trial for something I got a prescription for
No attempted murder, no aggravated assault
Never ran away from the police, didn’t have to be caught
And before I’ll bleed on a woman I’ll make my exit
The quickest way to get a 5 year sentence down in Texas
I walked through straight and narrow though at times I fall off
But I have done nothing to nobody so call the dogs off
My auntie something like a doctor
She prescribed Bized 5417
No weapon formed against the shall prosper
And I believe it too cuz I’ve been in some tight spots
No matter what I was facin’ Jesus was always in the right spot
Nah I can’t put my hands on him but I can touch him
And when he touch me back he say gangsta don’t worry ‘bout nothing

‘Cause you and me
And me leaving you alone can never be
Even if I’m facing an army
Ain’t no way they can harm me
I’m a stone
I gotta go through it a little while
But not for long
‘Cause pretty soon I’ll be home
Then I won’t have to look for heaven and I’ll wonder no more
Baby momma, drama and fake ass friends
And jealousy and envy, it done all come to an end

‘Cause finally I’m in heaven
How ya doin’ mama?
I haven’t seen you in such a long time
Well mama, basely to you
And DJ do
They take up the cape and be more
MPAT and the home that you see

When I’m asleep while I’m out on my grind
I dream of heaven, heaven
When I’m facing the worst of times
I can still feel heaven, heaven

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