Days Of Confusion Lyrics


Cro-Mags - Days Of Confusion Lyrics

In these days of confusion much illusions try to getcha
Try to trick you Every single day
Much aggravation and frustration, devastation always heading my way
And I know why I'm sufferin', looking for satisfaction my mind keeps leading me astray

And I know and I see spiritually there's gotta be a better way

Can't get distracted from achieving the ultimate goal in this human life
No desire to play those games no desire to cause any others grief
I've seen the lies I changed my ways
And I just wanna make my stay here brief

No satisfaction just bad reactions on this dangerous path that I've traveled through, and I look back inside my mind and thank God for the things I still didn't do

I look around I see the shape we're in
And i know I gotta stop living in sin
I guess I must have lost my mind
For how else could I ever be so blind
I've felt the pain of defeat
I've thrown myself at your feet
I've turned my back on what I used to be
I'll follow you to eternity
Once again you made me strong
Now I know I can go on
You are the conquerer of my fears
You are the reason I am here

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