Nightmares Lyrics

Major League

Major League - Nightmares Lyrics

I never said that I was a nice guy

If I could go back, you know I would
And stop myself from making, the worst mistake that could
If I could stand, to be around you
I'd scream to let you know, I'd scream to let you know
A nightmare is living in my head, and every night I wake up, I'm drowning in my bed
And all these, shadows that I see, come creeping from the corners, and closing in on me

I never said, that I was a nice guy
You only hear what you want
I never said, that I was your standby
Maybe its time to find a new one
I've got problems of my own
That's why I spent these years alone
I never said, that I was a nice guy
You're better off if you just let this go

You took everything I gave you, and you tore it all apart
You threw it in the corner and doused it in gasoline
I can't even handle this, I can't even handle this
So here's a match, I'll light it for you
Cause I've got too much on my plate, I just can't fit anymore
And if you want to count mistake, you'll lose your own war

I sometimes think about a time
When your passion was desire and you never told a lie
I sometimes dream about a life
Where the truth is finally clear, but then I open up my eyes and.

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